Preparing Your Parcel


Before preparing your parcel it is advisable that you check the following:

Items forbidden for carriage;

How to fill out the customs declaration form CN 23;

Our Terms and Conditions;


Choose the size of the package according to its content. Under-filled Boxes are likely to collapse; overloaded ones may burst. Always use high quality materials for your shipments. Choose boxes made of corrugated cardboard. Make use of cushioning materials, especially to stop your packaging contents from moving. Use strapping, when suitable, as a good way to seal and secure your box. Put fragile goods in the centre of a package; ensuring they don't touch the sides.  Ensure liquids are stored in leak-free containers and sealed with a plastic bag. Always remember that bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items. Always remember that bad packaging may cause damage to surrounding items. Use "arrow-up" label for non-solid materials. While shipping sharp items, such as knives or scissors, ensure that you fully protect the edges and points. Always use cardboard dividers when sending flat, fragile material. Do not consider "Fragile" and "Hande with care" labels as a substitute for careful packaging. They are only appropriate for information purposes.

* Please note that our Couriers will accept no liability for the packaging advice provided. The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation.


The addresses of the sender and recipient should be printed or clearly written (to avoid data clarification) on all accompanying documents (see customs declaration) in the following order:

  • name of the sender / recipient - surname and name;
  • name of the street, number of building, apartment;
  • name of the inhabited settlement, district, region;
  • postal code;
  • destination country;
  • phone number of recipient (including country code in a format "+38......" or "0038......")
  • Address of the recipient should be written in the language of the destination country. 


Attach your label on the even surface of the parcel at the bottom-right corner. Make sure the label is stuck properly, to avoid its detaching during a transit. If the postal box is being reused, make sure that all old labels have been removed. Attach the label after wrapping your parcel. The bar code on the label should be clearly visible, in order to be scanned.