Custom Declaration

The are formalities which has to be done by the sender when shipping the parcel outside EU. For each parcel the sender fills out the forms of accompanying address CP71 and the customs declaration CN23.

The forms of the accompanying address CP71 is filled out in one copy, customs declarations CN23 - in five copies. These documents are filled out in accordance with the form set. Web account system will generate them automatically when the user creates a parcel.

While filling out customs declaration CN23, besides the name and full address of the sender and receiver, sender must indicated the list of parcel content, its quantity and value in the currency of the sender's country. It is not allowed to generalize objects while recording them in the customs declaration.

Custom clearence of the goods and items which have been posted in an international postal parcel is processed on the basis of their written declaration in the customs declaration CN23.

Customs authorities are entitled to seize an item or a parcel, in accordance with the procedure set by legislation of the destination country, in case where an item send is prohibited by law for shipping or a parcel has been send with the violation of the customs legislation of the destination country (ex. not declared in the customs declaration, etc.)