BUDGET PARCEL was founded in 2007 in Ireland and aimed to offer postal services from Ireland to Eastern European countries. The emphasis of the business was focused on establishing customer driven, flexible, reliable and inexpensive alternative to Irish An Post with the long term vision to excel the reputation of being a professional Irish operator offering the most effective logistic solutions.

BUDGET PARCEL started operation by offering postal services to Ukraine. Later the firm has expanded its postal destinations to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia. Despite the recession in 2008 and increasedoperational cost, the company has managed to lower the prices for its customers in such a difficult times.

In 2011 BUDGET PARCEL successfully entered the UK market. The same year the transit terminal was opened in Poland and the distribution centre in West Ukraine with the purpose to develop company’s own distribution network. The strategy of the company was being reviewed and the focus was made on the business segments of the market. BUDGET PARCEL has widened a range of services, offering palletised freight forwarding to EU and CIS counties. In 2012 company branches were launched in Germany and USA, also call centres were opened in Ukraine and Russia. In 2013 the firm established its presence in Spain and Poland.

Nevertheless the growth and success is clear, BUDGET PARCEL continue to improve the quality of services its offer, not forgetting to invest into intellect. 

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